Sunday, 28 August 2016


One of my favourite days this summer was the one we spent at Old Car City in White, Georgia. We went last year - you can read about that visit here and here - so this time I was better prepared for the mosquitoes. I brought my pride and joy new lens and planned to take lots of really close details of the beautiful old cars.

It was very hot. I got three mosquito bites (not too bad at all). I wished I hadn't bothered bringing my tripod, and then J accidentally set it in the poison ivy. I looked like a dog's dinner in my sun-blocking, insect-blocking, hair-up-in-a-handkerchief outfit (clearly reflected in some of the shinier hubcaps). But I could have stayed for hours longer than the time we had available, and I made good use of the lens (it's an 100mm f2.8, if you like to know such details).

The overriding mood of the best photographs was one of mellow wistfulness, and I thought it would be cool to make a little slideshow, combining my favourites with a couple of jazz tracks composed and performed by my brother, bassist Paul Kimber.

So here is that video - just click here to see it on Vimeo...

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