Monday, 8 August 2016

Communion in Clarkesville

I'm in church in Clarkesville, North Georgia, slightly uncomfortable in a pew which was built at a time when people were more upright. I should be listening to the sermon, but instead my attention wanders to the right, to the old window at my elbow, uneven glass refracting the sunlight, and the herbs planted beyond. I think about what has been seen through that window during the years this church has been standing. I hold my poem in my head until the priest is saying Amen...

Rosemary after a rain
Framed by a pane
That's stop-motion molten and scratched
By the claws of years

Peering past pews 
At joys and tears
Heart-searching soul-searing
Layers on layers on layers

Remembrance, redemption
Sheltered by psalms
Scented by faith and time and prayer

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