Saturday, 3 September 2016

Harbour blues

I'm at Kilkeel harbour. This might be my favourite Northern Ireland harbour, for its busyness and its golden dusky light. Or maybe the best one is Portavogie, for its scruffy optimism.... But whichever it is, here in Kilkeel it's a beautiful Friday evening.

Half of me feels calm and happy, here with the light, the weathered trawlers and my camera, and the prospect of something tasty from the food van later. Half feels too much the end-of-summer sadness that's pervading everything I do for these few days.

I love the long days, the feeling that there are hours still to go.

My stomach clenches when I see someone shake their head and comment darkly on how the nights are drawing in.

All we have is the days we live, and if the days are short, I feel I'm living less.

The new school year begins, the wheel turns on to the next revolution.

The blues of the harbour seem more saturated than ever. I collect them to match my half-mood.