Saturday, 6 May 2017

Lough Naronamurrive

On the road from Pettigo, across the hills to Laghy. 

I loved this tree, set against a brooding sky, at the end of a waterlogged path, accessorised by a dilapidated wooden pen.

At home again, I searched for its location. Googlemaps puts it beside Lough Naronamurrive. I googled Lough Naronamurrive and got only four results. They're all from one of my own Instagram posts. 

I hope it's not an error on the part of the Google map-makers. Or just that it's a very dull lake.

I hope its digital existence is next to nothing because it's so special and elusive, a beauty that appeared just to me. A mirage. A watery Brigadoon.

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