Saturday, 13 May 2017

Kearney: to see a world in a grain of sand

Bright sunlight on a cloudless day. It's not a photographer's dream here, though several guys clutching what appear to be very expensive cameras greet me along the path and tell me that it is.

Practising my landscapes is out of the question, so I lie on the grass and read my book for a while. It's the loveliest spot in the world right at this moment. The smells and the sounds and the feeling of the soft springy turf are all perfect. 

I have to photograph something, so I wander along the awkwardly rocky shoreline in search of inspiration. There's a newly installed fence and gate - it's lying open, but I feel a bit guilty as I walk on through and wonder if I'll be endangering a rare seabird's habitat under my sensible Hotter trainers. (I won't - I see later that it's all to do with putting cattle to graze here later in the year.)

Up close is the answer, and my lovely 100mm lens does all the work. The rocks, seaweeds and flowers on the beach here are uniquely beautiful and everywhere I turn, I can fill my frame with patterns and textures.

The colours are pretty, but the monos are cooler. I try some square crops, and arrange them into an Instagram-ready square of squares. It doesn't really capture the flavour of the day, but it does start to show the special weirdness of this place.

...and separately...

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