Saturday, 5 August 2017

Fair day

One of the regular highlights of my North Georgia summer is a visit to the Georgia Mountain Fair at Hiawassee. 

If you're looking for pig races, bluegrass played by elderly gentlemen in dungarees, handmade bowed psalteries, shingle-splitting demonstrations, a superhero costume for your cat, exquisite turned bowls, frisbee-catching rescue dogs and a decent-sized midway - and, really, who isn't? - then this is the place for you.

J was a gentleman, carrying my camera bag, throwing darts at balloons so that I could make friends with the photogenic Warren, and winning some goldfish with pingpong balls.

The sky was perfect, the colours harmonised, and I was quite excited about some of the shots I'd taken. But when I got home and looked at them more carefully on my computer, I was gutted to see that in my favourites, the ones of Warren and the people on the Yoyo ride, my shutter speed had been too slow, and they're not quite in focus.

Gentleman J suggested that we should return later in the week and I should run in and redo my shots in a more professional manner. It was a kind thought, but the fair is an hour's drive away, and it was unlikely that I'd get the same lovely evening light as I did the first time. Lesson learned. I'll take it on the chin.

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