Friday, 4 November 2016

Venice in November

Venice in November. I've spent the last week - yay for half term! - drinking espressos by canals, marvelling at how little my money will buy me these days, stalking the prettiest laundry and the most dilapidated buildings, and walking, walking, walking. Time to think about not very much, read a few novels, practise my rusty Italian and greatly increase the shutter count on my camera. 


  1. Judith, you've captured the real Venice, where people live ordinary daily lives, with an honest and discerning eye. The photographs are, of course, wonderful and remind me of two happy holidays in the city, mixing happily wandering the pavements far from the crowds with admiring those things for which Venice is most famous. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations on a half-term well spent. Ian.

    1. Thanks very much, Ian. That's a lovely compliment, because that's just what I was hoping to do.