Sunday, 27 March 2016

Ardglass, and the side of his face

J is visiting from Florida, and it's a beautiful day, so we set out on a showing-off-the-County-Down-coast driving trip, the one that always makes me think of Van Morrison's song Coney Island. We do stop off at Ardglass, though neither of us likes pickled herrings, and we won't be eating mussels till later, in the Mourne Seafood Restaurant.

We like Ardglass. Fishing harbours are one of my favourite types of place for photography, and it's good to be there with someone who shares my enthusiasm. Good to be with him, full stop.

He draws my attention to other interesting things in the town that I hadn't really noticed, like the abundance of medieval tower-houses and the little stone bathing hut on the rocky beach.

We need a cup of tea, as part of J's tea-appreciation training programme, and a helpful young lad tells us about Doyle's tea shop round the front. It's great - cake with proper whipped cream and excellent pots of tea. It's also great that we just manage to beat the entire Mid-Ulster Walking Club to the best outside table. It's such a warm day that we take our coats off. In March! County Down is pulling out all the stops.

I still have those Van lyrics running through my head.

I look at the side of his face as we sit together squinting into the sun, and I'm thinking, wouldn't it be great if it was like this all the time?


  1. Great photographs and sounds like the perfect day

    1. Thanks, Susy - it was! There'll be days like this...