Sunday, 21 February 2016

Diary entry 76

On Thursday I set out to Ardglass with big plans to photograph some lovely details from the hustle and tangle of all the fishing boats in the harbour. I've done this a couple of times before and it's been very rewarding making something almost poetic from what could be regarded as a mundane commercial activity. It was a lovely, bright, cold day - ideal, I thought, for my purposes.

It turned out it was also ideal for going fishing. There were only two ships in the harbour.

So I went on further down the coast, first to the village of Killough. This is one of the prettiest places in the area, with a lovely sycamore-lined main street. It's easy to imagine what it would have been like in its busy nineteenth century days as a port for grain export.

Feeling a little as if I was in the Van Morrison song "Coney Island" (although if you check the lyrics carefully, his route seems somewhat odd...) I continued round the coast. And the beach at Minerstown provided me with enough lovely shots to compensate for the fishing boat disappointment. It was so cold that my frozen fingers had a lot of trouble changing lenses at one point, and the one that's my pride and joy came close to falling onto the rocks. But every time I was about to leave, shivering and whimpering, the sun would emerge at a new angle and present me with a different kind of beautiful.

On the way home I executed a dangerously sudden stop at Seaforde, with the notion of photographing the picturesque church. The sky was darkening by now, but I tried a few angles and was pleased enough to plan a return in kinder light.

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