Sunday, 17 January 2016

Skating through life

I found these roller skates hidden in the corner of my favourite antique shop and loved them immediately. They give off the happy vibes of something that has been used and treasured. There's beauty in their wear and tear.

And the wheels are marked "Tenacity". I never had enough of that to learn to skate properly, either on wheels or on ice. The few times I had a go, I always fell over in the first two minutes and then just tried to hide at the side of the rink or the park or wherever we were instead, attempting, almost certainly in vain, to look cool.

"Those who don't try never look foolish", as Fiyero truthfully/foolishly/wisely says in Stephen Schwartz's Wicked.

In fact, I should have tried a lot harder. Once you get past a certain age (30?), you see that having a go is actually a lot cooler than not trying in case you fail. Skating through life might have been nice.

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