Wednesday, 2 September 2015

More old cars

I've spent some more time this week editing the photographs I took during the summer at Old Car City in Georgia, a place well worth the 35 mosquito bites that were its downside.

This is a collection of colour edits for you - if you'd like to check out some black and white shots, have a look at my previous post from Old Car City.

While we were at this amazing vintage car graveyard, we met a very nice reporter from The Associated Press, and he interviewed me about my thoughts on the location. I'm sorry to say that under such pressure all articulate thought deserted me and I said, "I love old American cars. There are many more cars than I imagined. I love it". This deeply perceptive comment is now reported verbatim all over the internet, since he wrote a very interesting article with great photographs, and lots of news outlets have used it. Excellent.

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