Friday, 19 June 2015

Belfast in detail: bricks and stones

Some more quirky/gorgeous Belfast details - do you recognise them? Answers at the end of the post....













One: the old Bank of Ireland at the corner of Oxford Street and Ann Street.

Two: the Albert Clock - I always find this a surprisingly contemporary-looking detail.

Three: Hamilton Street, round the corner from Joy Street.

Four: St Anne's Cathedral.

Five: Ten Square, Donegall Square South. This was originally a linen warehouse, which in turn was built on the site of a Georgian terrace.

Six: St Malachy's Convent of Mercy School, Sussex Place, built in 1878, one of my top favourites. Belfast Buildings Trust has plans for the resurrection of this building. (Update, 21 June: I drove past this morning and saw a For Sale sign on the school. I don't know what that means for the BBT project, but I really hope this isn't bad news for this excellent building.)

Seven: Commercial Buildings in Waring Street: its foundation stone was laid in 1819.

Eight: Riddel's Warehouse, Ann Street. This is a really gorgeous building - I'm excited to hear about its imminent restoration.

Nine: the Headline building in Victoria Street, built in 1863 from plans by Thomas Jackson.

Ten: another Albert Clock detail: these angels are gathered admiringly round the Prince's feet. 

Eleven: Ewart's warehouse, Bedford Street. Plus a poster of a little boy, who looks frighteningly similar to how I did at the age of about nine. I definitely needed a more girly haircut...

Twelve: St Patrick's Church, Donegall Street.

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