Friday, 22 May 2015

Keep looking upwards

I keep looking upwards as I walk round the city. Possibly to the extent that I have become a danger to passers-by. But once you start looking, you just see more and more excellent details... (Do check out my first Look Upwards too if you like these.)

The most whimsical of all - the pretty copper ship at Bradbury Buildings.

This view is probably much the same as it was in the 1930s, when the Art Deco Bank of Ireland building was completed.

My favourite Belfast roof story. This was supposed to be a super-discreet Orange hall, its purpose signalled only by a solitary carved stone lily. But oops! Someone accidentally installed a 15-foot bronze statue of King Billy on his horse and totally ruined the whole discretion thing.

The work of Thomas Fitzpatrick on the roof of the Ulster Bank in Waring Street

They were confident the business was going to last...

I love this view down Clarence Street, with the Gothic St Malachy's appearing completely unexpectedly at the end.

Turn of the century punctuation is always impressive, even in iron and stonework. How pleasing.

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