Thursday, 13 November 2014

East Coast

Sometimes I find east-facing coasts a bit frightening. They seem cold and light and you're not always sure what's out there, as a new part of the day turns towards you.

West coasts somehow seem more comfortable - warmer, maybe a little more nostalgic and emotional. Maybe it's living in Ireland - in a way, you can't get much further west.

Is there such a thing as a "west-facing" personality? I don't know, but I might be one.

So I find east coasts a challenge, and sometimes a challenge is what I need. A visit to Aldeburgh, on the Suffolk coast, last week, was just that. I'd been there once before and knew how beautiful the light was, how unique its colours, how intriguing its combination of weathered details and huge emptiness. I wanted to look and listen and try to capture something of all that in my images.

I found my weathered textures. 

My companions didn't worry about the looking east thing. 

Before we went, I had a plan in which I'd buy a huge bunch of helium balloons and make my family members pose on the beach, holding them in romantic fashion. Probably everyone is glad that that didn't work out. But some of the buoys on the ships almost compensated for the lack of balloons. 

Don't miss the little paper boat. There might be some kind of parable in this shot. 

I did bring a single hydrangea bloom with me. I know, that might be a bit weird. 

Fresh fish. And we made sure we ate some. 

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